My Special Effects Makeup Kit

I told you what you need in your SFX kit to start you off with this hobby, I might as well tell you what I have in mine. Now keep in mind, I enjoy doing this and it can get pricey. I saved up a lot of my money for the stuff I have. I’ve done little jobs for people, asked for money for Christmas and birthdays instead of presents. I’ve saved up. Don’t just ask your parents to buy you all of this, save up your own money. Work for it. Because it honestly feels so much better when you can buy it yourself and it makes you appreciate it more. For me, anyway. I’m not going to tell you everything I have, I’m just going to tell you what I use and enjoy the most.

Let’s start off with 3rd Degree. 3rd Degree is kind of like liquid latex, that’s what I always compare it too. It allows you to easily create cuts and wounds, maybe even a prosthetic if you wanted. This product is way easier to use and doesn’t make such a mess. The only downside about it is that it’s relatively expensive. When 3rd Degree dries, it dries shiny. To get rid of the shine, I use translucent powder. I mean, you could use powder that’s your skin tone if you wanted, I just personally don’t.

The second thing in my SFX makeup kit is the alcohol activated Skin Illustrator FX Color Palette. Since it’s an alcohol activated palette, you’ll have to buy some 99% isopropyl alcohol. There’s tons of these palettes out there, but I recommend this one because it has all the basic colors you’ll need. With other color palettes such as grease ones, you can’t dilute the color. You can easily do this with the Skin Illustrator one though. You might not know why you’d want to dilute the color, but once you learn more about this hobby, you will.

Now lastly and my personal favorite, the blood. As of right now, the only “professional” blood I have is a thick blood from Ben Nye. Since you can easily make your own runny blood with just corn syrup and food coloring, I figured I don’t need to buy some ridiculously expensive one.

This is getting kind of long though, so I think I’ll just wrap it up. The reason why I didn’t recommend this stuff in your beginner’s kit is because of the prices. If you don’t know if you’ll like this hobby for sure, I don’t think you should go off and buy this stuff. Like, what if you don’t like it? Then you kind of just wasted your money, and who wants that.


Published by: Kirsten Ann

Hi, I’m Kirsten. I’m kind of awkward and everything makes me feel uncomfortable. Currently, I’m a junior in high school. This page is just an assignment but hey, maybe I’ll continue it at home or something!

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